Everyone’s got a list…

…you know, that top five or top ten. That list of names that, partner excepted (if there is one), you’d get a ‘free pass’ with. Interpret that as you will! For me, being the hopeless romantic that I am, my free pass wouldn’t involve much more than a passionate eye meet and a nice lunch, but I suppose I’m just weird.

Recently, I’ve had cause to wonder who’d be at the top of my list. Mainly because it’s nice to daydream, and, actually, The Husband, while he has his imperfections, is generally a reasonable and attractive long term proposition. But, in the spirit of ‘write anything and get back into the swing of it,’ I’ve decided to share the current list with readers of this blog.

Let me set the scene for you. There I am (well, there I am, but I’m three stone or thereabouts lighter, in a really nice dress and not looking like I’ve been up six times in the night with a toddler). I’m standing in front of the whiteboard in my classroom, the kids are listening, enthralled, at my fascinating and insightful offerings on Shakespeare/Tennyson/Steinbeck/someone suitably clever and interesting. Just as I’m making some lovely point about the course of true love/a really emotional metaphor/something clever and brilliant, the door of my classroom opens, and there, standing just inside the frame is him. The person who’s going to whisk me away from those teenagers, take me to lunch and fall in love with me on the spot  ply me with wine and witty repartee for a couple of hours, before regretfully realising that, alas, we both have other commitments that will forever keep us apart, but at least we had a nice afternoon and all that.

If you think I’m joking, I have asked every Year 11 class I’ve taught over the past few years to get one particular celebrity to my classroom door on their last English lesson. None of them have yet managed it, although one group did acquire a signed photo of said celebrity after writing a letter to his agent that made me weep when I read it, and that was pretty special. I still have a copy of the letter, and the photo and I get it out occasionally to remind my why I’m still in teaching.

So, who’s currently on my list then? Well, here we go, in no particular order…

Richard Armitage

Lovely, lovely Richard. From my limited experience of actually meeting him, he’s as gentle and shy as he is charismatic and faint-makingly gorgeous, and tall. Very, very tall. I’ve written at length about why I adore him, so I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Mark Strong

The lovely Mr Strong is a recent addition, as the repeated, fangirly posts about Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy might have already given away. I’d seen him in other things, of course, but it was the role of Jim Prideaux that really made me sit up and pay attention. I’m now surreptitiously working through his back catalogue, and I have to say, I’m amazed he hasn’t been on my radar before. Tall, dark, brooding, charismatic…and the eyes, oh, those desperately wounded eyes. A character actor with a solid history on the stage as well as some pretty hefty antagonist (and the odd heroic) roles, he’s a man of experience. Safe to say, if Mark Strong turned up at my classroom door, I’d probably end up talking more gibberish than I already do…*sigh*.

James May

I’ve adored James since ‘Oz and James’ Great Wine Adventure’. Bumbling, super clever, articulate, musical, looks great in his jeans…yup, boxes ticked. The signed photo was from James’ agent, and I still hold out a faint hope that, one day, he’ll magically appear at my classroom door.

Nicholas Rowe

I’ve always had a thing for tall boys; and I blame Nick Rowe. I watched Young Sherlock Holmes at a very impressionable age, and he certainly made an impression on me! If Nick turned up at my door, I’d certainly rope him in to reading some Shakespeare with Year 7, as he’s had a long stage career. That’s if I could actually pick myself up off the floor, anyway…;).

That’s four – but then, I’m not greedy ;). So if anyone can arrange for any one of them to turn up at my classroom door, I’d be very grateful!



9 thoughts on “Everyone’s got a list…

  1. I met Mark Strong at the stage door for the New York run of A View From The Bridge. I spent over an hour watching him prowl the stage as Eddie Carbone disintergrate with jealousy over the course of the play and he bounced like Tigger to meet fans.

    And he is tall as well.

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