Fay is a bestselling author of commercial fiction. Her debut novel, The Second Chance Tea Shop, was published by Head of Zeus in 2017, and two further novels make up the Little Somerby series, both also published by HoZ. She loves to base her books in the wonderful county of Somerset, and readers will notice many real locations in her stories, alongside brooding heroes, self-possessed heroines and more than a few flavours of the county. A lover of all things Somerset, her aim is to show what a heart-thumpingly passionate county it really is!

Fay’s latest novel, The Weekender, moves slightly further into Somerset and many readers will recognise locations in and around the iconic and spiritually diverse town of Glastonbury. It is the story of what happens when opposites attract but principles collide, and unfolds in both Somerset and Westminster. Her fifth novel, due for release by Boldwood Books later this year, is also based in the same town, and explores the lives of a school teacher and an air ambulance pilot who just happen to live next door to each other.

When she is not writing fiction, Fay is a secondary school English teacher, a wife, a mother of two daughters and the keeper of a large, demanding Weimaraner dog called Bertie. She can often be found on the Strawberry Line, being dragged from pillar to post by either dog or children, and is only now coming to terms with the fact that some of her students, current and former, occasionally read her novels.

3 thoughts on “Biography

  1. Hello Fay, Thank you for the like and the follow, I’m very happy to return the favour and your site is just lovely! Funnily enough, you have happened to ‘cast’ an actor whom I’ve also ‘cast’ in one of my books (your Jonathan Carter). Look forward to reading more x

    • Hi Helen,
      Thanks so much for the comment and the like and follow, too :). I found you via the W&A website’s email, and I’m really glad I did as it sounds like we’re on a similar writing journey :). I can’t resist ‘casting’ my characters in my head – I’m constantly looking for the images in my mind in the actors I see, and the ones I’ve posted pictures of are the closest approximations :). Was it Simon Baker or Simon Woods you had in mind for your character? I can’t decide which one’s more ‘Jonathan’! And what made you decide about him as one of yours? :). x

      • It was Simon Woods 🙂 I needed a handsome redhead, and he fit the bill perfectly! I’m the same, I have a sheet with photos of actors for all my characters – I just haven’t had the guts to share it yet, other than with a couple of my beta readers. Maybe when the books are published 🙂 I’m so glad you found me via W&A – I think we are on a similar journey – can’t wait to hear more about yours x

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