Christmas Telly: And Then There Were None.

No Christmas would be complete without a decent murder mystery. As John Robertson tweeted recently; ‘The Brits love murder. It gives them something to do between Morris dancing and bitching about Morris dancing.’ And, considering my affection for all things cosy crime related, from Agatha Christie to Lewis and Midsomer Murders, I was bound to […]

Transforming a text, and cross-media conjecture

The controversy surrounding the writing partnership of Sam Taylor Johnson and EL James  has been much documented during the release and aftermath of the first of the Fifty Shades film. How much of this is hype, and how much is actually true, is anybody’s guess, but it does throw up some interesting questions about how you […]

If ‘Far From the Tree’ was an ITV drama…

Given that I’m writing a ruralmance, I don’t expect the big budget Hollywood film producers to come knocking to adapt it, as it’s a mostly romantic tale of love in a Somerset village, but I can’t help fantasising that ITV might be able to do a half decent adaptation of the story. It does seem […]