The beginning of a writing journey…

I’m currently in the process of writing the first novel in what will, hopefully be a series of three books, and, I can tell you, nothing I’ve ever written has hit me like this before! At the start of the year, January 15th to be precise, a character walked into my head and started whispering. That character became two, three, four, five…and Far From the Tree was born.

So now I’m 111,000 words into the first draft, and I think it’s starting to take shape. For anyone who’s a closet statistics geek, that breaks down to:

126 days – 881 words per day

18 weeks – 6,167 words per week

4 months and 5 days  – 24,130 words per month

I’ve set myself a deadline of Christmas to get the final draft submitted to a publisher – I think I’ll be spending a lot of time on this website towards the end of the year!

For the current two sentence synopsis of Far From the Tree, click here.





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