Fantasy launch party…

Perhaps I’m getting a little ahead of myself,  but after reading Ali Harris’ account of the very enjoyable sounding launch of her latest novel Written in the Stars I couldn’t help but turn my mind to the possibility of a book launch party, if and when Far From the Tree gets published. I’m lucky to live in the West Country, here in the UK, which is renowned not just for its gorgeous scenery, but also its high standard of local produce. Within about five miles of my house, I can buy locally produced yogurt, cider, cheese,  and bitter, as well as strawberries when they’re in season! So, in my head, the launch party for my first novel would be quite a foodie affair.

Picture the scene…the venue would be newly refurbished  Railway Inn, well within the parish boundaries of where I live. There would be bales of straw in the bar area, or outside in the courtyard, weather permitting. These would be adorned with copies of the novel, bottles of cider and strategically placed cider apples. On the bar itself would be plates set out with cheese made in the village of Cheddar, which is just down the road, and ready to come out later would be miniature tubs of Chew Moos ice cream, also locally produced. There would be champagne glasses on the bar, but instead of champers, they’d be filled with a variety of the finest that Thatchers Cider, also of the same parish,  has to offer. The whole vibe would be relaxed, with Ashton Tucker and his band on hand to provide some musical entertainment later in the evening, after the cider has kicked in. There might even be a hog roast somewhere, just to recreate FFTT’s wassail scene!

There would be lots of friends and family there, as well as all of the people who have offered help, advice, support and specific subject knowledge during the writing and publishing of the novel. I’m a bit hazy on the professionals involved in bringing a book to market at the moment, but I’m sure there would be plenty of them there too!

I, of course, would be on hand looking every inch the polished author type, in some kind of flattering dress thingy, purchased at the local dress shop, Cleopatra’s Wardrobe. Goes without saying! ;).


2 thoughts on “Fantasy launch party…

    • You’re TOTALLY invited, it goes without saying – just need to swing it with Thatchers, who now own the pub, to host the party. :). Start browsing for frocks now 😉 #agirlcandream #agirlcanplan

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