Of prequels, songs and romance rules

While seeking advice from a relative of mine, who has some experience in the publishing world, it was suggested that I think about writing some shorter stories/novellas connected to the main novel to create a bit of a buzz for the eventual release of Far From the Tree. I like the idea a lot, and it immediately got me thinking about possible themes for shorter pieces. Some of the ideas I’m toying with are:

– Slumming It: A Night Out with the Somerby Slummies

Charlotte and her cronies hold court at the local pub, drink too much and get into some sort of scrape, possibly involving climbing trees. This would be pre-Anna’s return to the village, thus setting the scene a little more for the ups and downs of village life and allowing me to explore Charlotte’s character.

– A Winter’s Night: Ten Tales of the Wassail

The wassail as seen by various other characters in the novel – Charlotte, Ellie and Evan, Meredith, Simon, Sid Porter, Jack Carter, Miss Pinkham and possibly one of Sid’s Old Spot pigs.

– Forbidden Fruit and Fatal Attraction: Falling for The American

The tragic and tantalising tale of what happened when serious minded law student Matthew Carter fell leaf, apple and tree root for a charismatic, bitchy American drama queen.


It’s funny how things pop into my head, plot wise – last night, while driving, I was listening to Stevie Nicks’  song ‘Trouble in Shangri-La’ and I suddenly got a really strong visual of Matthew and Tara’s early relationship. That’s certainly where the idea for the third of the above came from, anyway! I wonder how ‘correct’ it is to write about your male protagonist with his former wife?! Not sure if there are rules about that sort of thing in romantic fiction or not… ;). Here’s the song, in case anyone wants to listen :).

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