Autumnal musings

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Having spent most of the last year writing, at least in part, about a business that turns on the premise of having a good crop of apples, it seemed a timely moment to share some of the pictures I took last week. My parents’ house was built in what was an orchard, and there still remain around five apple trees, three eating apples (I have no idea of the variety, but straight from the tree they’re lovely!), and two Bramley cooking apple trees. I happened to be over there a few days ago, and decided to take some shots of the trees, and the utterly heavenly evening primrose plants that are also in their garden. Always on the look out for images that might form the basis of a front cover, should I choose to indie publish Far From the Tree, I was quite pleased with the light in some of these. Who knows, perhaps one will end up on the cover, one day!

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