Nano, Nano…

So, it’s day one of NaNoWriMo 2014. I’ve been waiting for this day for what seems like ages! Already, the ideas are flowing, the thoughts are happening, my daughters are running riot, the house is a mess and Bertie the Weimaraner is learning that he will be ignored for quite a large proportion of the next 30 days. And I don’t even know what my husband makes of it all…

As for the story, well, I’m cracking on, after thinking about it for the past month or so. That’s kind of how Far From the Tree got written – I allowed myself to just think for a week or two before starting to write, and that seemed to work, so I’m hoping the same will happen this time. At the moment, I’m writing totally within my comfort zone – Anna and Matthew have made an appearance, we’ve caught up with where they’ll be at the start of the second book, and I’ve just started writing about Jonathan. Caroline’s there, in place, where she should be, and I actually have a very clear idea of what she looks like. I’m still not sure if it’s going to be tea room, wine shop or bistro she’ll end up running, but I’m already placing furniture, including a red lacquered baby grand piano, in the establishment she’s just bought.

This second book will be a strange mix; already I know it’ll be harder in terms of not repeating myself, not falling into the trap of the cosy and familiar. And Jonathan is a totally different beast to Matthew in some respects. He’s got far fewer morals, far less concerns with duty and tradition, but he’s also a decent human being like his brother. They’ve taken quite different paths in their lives, and it’s going to be fun fleshing him out a bit. Will Caroline buy into him? We’ll just have to wait and see!

To finish this shorter than usual post (I mean, I am trying to write a novel in a month here, after all!), I’ll sign off with another song. This was another random find on my iPod, and, although it’s a cover, I’m rather fond of what Darren Hayes does with Madonna’s original tune. There’s something rather more decadent in the way Hayes sings this, which seems to sum up Jonathan Carter’s sense of style, and his appeal (to both sexes) equally 🙂

2 thoughts on “Nano, Nano…

  1. Oh Fay, I’m doing it as well! And starting on the weekend of half term is tough – I’ve tried to get as much as I can done around the house before I start, and am interested to see where my novel goes. Yours sound intriguing, all the best for completing this month! x

  2. Thanks for the comment, Helen – how’s your nano going, now we’re a few days in? Are you writing a related book to your first? I’m stuttering at around 7,000 words, today, but I’m putting it down to being cold and a bit tired! Fingers crossed we’ll both hit the target by the end of the month – best of luck! x

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