Delayed gratification…and pleasurable anticipation.

I’m waiting with bated breath for Friday. Friday is my first ‘official’ designated writing day. Unlike my ‘lucky break’ child free days of the past few months, which have generally been pretty last minute and ad hoc, this has come about through a lucky quirk of my teaching timetable, in which the cards have fallen in such a way as to give me every other Friday off. And it’s not just a day at home, this writing day; Daughter #1 is at school and Daughter #2 is at nursery. So it’s me and The Hound. And Scrivener, darling, gorgeous Scrivener.

In my head, it will go something like this:

I will make a large coffee, and, at my leisure, settle down to my laptop, where, ready and waiting as it has been for months, my next novel sits in scenes in Scrivener. Have I mentioned how much I love Scrivener? I really need to do a post on it at some point! The words will come, plucked as if by magic from the air, arranging themselves into gorgeously structured sentences, which will build into perfectly balanced paragraphs which in turn will amalgamate to make logical yet emotive scenes. The rise and fall of the narrative will carry me along, until, exhausted and sated by the sheer, unadulterated pleasure of it, I will sink back in my chair, satisfied. Finally, Richard Armitage will come and replenish my coffee cup.

And then I will wake up from the ‘I’m just resting my eyes’ moment on the sofa,  (post school run) with the dog and a stone cold mug of coffee next to me and realise I’ve slept half the morning away, the house is a tip and I’ve got no time to venture into Little Somerby this fortnight!

OK, so those might be the two extremes, and, frankly, I might just bog off to the nearest commercial purveyor of coffee with my laptop to avoid the latter from happening, but sometimes the weight of expectation can be inhibiting. Or that might be total rubbish again. I’ve never been one to suffer from writer’s block…let’s hope it doesn’t happen on Friday, and I can actually write without the pleasurable din of two small children and a Weimaraner around me!

In somewhat writing related news, I got a shout out on BBC Radio 5 live today – Dan Walker read out my tweet about Anthony Horowitz! The great man himself then thanked me for the tweet, and later favourited it, so I’m flailing a bit in a fangirl like way :).

Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 14.26.45

I could spend hours rhapsodising on just why I love AH and his work, but instead I’ll recommend Stormbreaker, and The Falcon’s Malteser. Seriously, just do it. Now excuse me while I try to stop flailing…

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