Slimming World Week 3: Don’t Panic!!

This has been an interesting week, really. I’m starting to get into the flow of things, and yet there were one or two definite moments that had me feeling very tested!

I’ve always known I eat in response to stress, and after my children decided to go feral on Saturday afternoon (I kid you not, the house looked like a hurricane had been through it, and at 6pm they were both bouncing, stark naked, on the trampoline with the dog!), there was a moment. This moment involved me sticking a bottle of Prosecco in the fridge and eating three chocolate Homewheats in very quick succession. That was it, I thought. Bugger it, I’m off the bus tonight.

However, having successfully managed to strap the kids into their beds and lock the doors put the children to bed without incident, I came back downstairs and thought for a moment. I’d specifically bought lean steak for Saturday night; I’d peeled and par boiled the SW chips; did I really want to chuck it all away on a bottle of wine? Taking a deep breath, I wrote down the three choccy biccies (12 syns, in case anyone’s interested!), took the wine out of the fridge, put it back in the cupboard and really enjoyed the food. And that, in the end, with a total of 15 syns for the day (the other three were on a decent sausage, as I really struggle with the low fat variety), was that.

Sunday was interesting again. I did succumb to a small glass of wine, and I did have one too many chipolatas with the roast chicken at lunch, and my cousin had brought a large home made scone with her that I estimated the syns on, but I still came in at 19, which, after a fairly lean week syn wise, I could cope with. I then couldn’t eat anything else for the rest of the day, as I had some interesting news about my book, and that kept my mind off food!

I am finding that now I’m writing regularly again, I’m not eating so much, either. I’m filling the gaps with words rather than food. After a 3,500 word writing bender on Friday, I’ve been fiddling about with bits and bobs ever since, and definitely thinking more about book 2, and that has meant my fingers have been typing instead of reaching for snacks, so long may it last! Things are starting to gather a bit of momentum in terms of where my writing is going, and that really helps.

So this control malarkey is an interesting thing. I think I’m becoming accustomed to thinking before I eat. I think it’s starting to become a habit. And if that doesn’t work as motivation, the winter coat I’ve just bought in a size smaller than I am certainly concentrates the mind!

And this week’s result? Four and a half pounds off – so I must have been doing something right. That’s 10lb in three weeks :). I’d call that a decent result, wouldn’t you? 🙂

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