Keeping well, feeling better. A good start.

Earlier this week I wrote about how I wanted to make some changes to my approach to my life, so I thought I’d post a quick update to let you know how it’s going, and add some pretty pictures of things that have helped me to make things better this week. Since 28th December, I’ve also been taking part in the #100happydays challenge on twitter, where you post a tweet and a picture about something that’s made you happy for 100 consecutive days. This is meant to increase your mindfulness about things that trigger your positivity, and help you to focus on the good things rather than the negatives, and I have to say, it’s been working! If you want to see what I’ve been posting, you can follow me on twitter @faykeenan.

So, this week I’ve regrouped on my Slimming World bus ride, and so far I’m feeling pretty good. I’ve been sticking to the plan since Wednesday’s meeting, and even in those few short days I’ve been feeling a real difference. I’ve been feeling less hungry, I have more energy and I’m generally feeling better. Whether this is the food, my ‘New Me’ resolutions or, indeed, a combination of the two I’m not sure, but there’s been a definite improvement!

But what does that actually look like? Well, for starters (or rather, for dinner last night!), there was this:


Singapore Noodles, straight out of the Jan/Feb issue of Slimming World magazine, which I’ve been reading, too, for the past couple of days. And the best thing was, The Husband agreed to eat it, too! I made the full four portions, and, my goodness, it was definitely a recipe for four hungry people, as there was more than enough left over for the girls and me for lunch today, and another box left in the fridge!

There’s also been a Saturday morning fry up, with NuMe sausages from Morrisons (0.5 syns each), potatoes, bacon, a small slice of toast and an egg, a twist on the rightly famous baked oats made with Scan Bran instead of porridge oats (I’ll admit I was sceptical about this one, but it turned out brilliantly, and was, technically a half portion with a mere 2.5 Scan Brans used) and, for tonight there’ll be venison grillsteaks (2 syns each), SW chips, peas and pepper sauce (need to check the syns value on the one The Husband bought from the Co-Op but I’m well under for today, despite a few pieces of toffee popcorn with the girls just now).

And in terms of Body Magic I’ve been quite good, too. Two walks to school and back, one with a toddler on my back, all with a Weimaraner in tow, and then, just now, a walk across the fields with the toddler in the carrier again, which must be good for weight resistance! Oh, and a walk to the village and back this morning, without stopping at the bakery for  a cake!


A squishy walk, but lots of fun!

I know it’s a mere three days since I resolved to be more aware of my health, but small steps seem to be the way to go. And while I forgot to slap on my new moisturiser before bed last night, things are going quite well. Let’s hope the motivation levels stay high for the rest of the week.

Oh, and one final footnote; I ignored the toddler when she wandered to her gate before ‘clock-turns-yellow’* time this morning. And she didn’t kick off. In fact, she just chilled and dozed by her gate until it really was time to get up, so that’s a definite bonus!

gro clock

*by which I mean Gro-Clock, to the uninitiated. My elder daughter used to entertain The Husband and I greatly when she used to shout ‘Mummy, my cock’s turned yellow!’ at the top of her voice a couple of years ago…;).

As for the writing…well, a blog post counts, doesn’t it? 😉


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