The Sweet Scales of Success…


So last week I decided it was make or break in my relationship with Slimming World. I was peeved with myself about my lack of commitment to something that is obviously really good for me, and thought I’d give it one more go and, if I couldn’t commit to it 100 per cent, I’d chuck the books out of the window and resign myself to fatness.

This week, something changed. And I think it might be me. But that change happened with some exceptional support from the rest of the Winscombe Slimming World group. Firstly came the excellent advice from the group’s consultant, Sally. It’s clear to see that Slimming World really do take a lot of time training their consultants to provide a wide range of support options for people who are trying to lose weight and keep it off; after all, as I’ve often mused here on this blog, it’s not just about not putting stuff in your mouth; there’s a psychology behind it that, for everyone, can be very different. Sally knows this well, and her advice to me was clear; visualise alternative responses to trigger situations, and write a ‘For’ and ‘Against’ list for why you’re actually trying to lose the weight in the first place. Get through those barriers, address the issues, and move forward. Or, as Sally herself put it:

‘…there may be some deeper reason hidden in your subconscious and this requires really deep psychology…Sometimes our subconscious actually has a reason to sabotage our weight loss so part of us outside of our conscious reasoning gets in our way.’

It didn’t take long to work out what the ‘sabotage’ reasons were for me (but I won’t bore you with the details here!). Suffice to say, it’s something I’ve always joked about, but, in actual fact, it does have a real impact on the way I eat. This year has been full of positive changes in terms of health and wellbeing for me and those I hold most dear, and working out that I needed to change my perspective on a couple of things really felt like a first step. That’s not to say I’ve fixed it…but I definitely feel as though I’m on the way to long term success.

The second thing that helped immensely was the honesty and support of another member of the group, who shared her very personal reasons for making a positive change to her health and lifestyle.That really gave me a heart stopping moment of clarity. The message from her was about finding that motivation, and remembering it, even when events overtake you. It was about seeing the bigger picture; making real, life changing decisions for a better future; and for that, I’m hugely grateful to her.

And finally, a second group member gave me the motivation and impetus to really get on it this week. By posting her own food diaries for each day, and encouraging me to do the same, it concentrated my mind in the most powerful way. You see, if you know someone else is being honest, and trying hard, then you’ve got nothing else to do but the same thing! Those tricky weekend issues were gradually sorted out and I knew I couldn’t cheat, or ‘blur the edges’ of the SW plan. By making myself publicly accountable to at least one other person, I had to do it right. So I did. As far as psychology goes, this group member hit the nail right on the head!

So after a really good, on plan week, and a lovely group meeting last night (I have to say, having been to four SW groups over the past fifteen years, the Winscombe one is definitely the nicest and most motivational), where one member reached target, and everyone had a chance to chat and reflect on their week, I can fully understand the reasons for staying to Image Therapy (and that’s from someone who used to struggle with that aspect of Slimming World!). Sometimes, it seems, it’s just a case of finding the right group chemistry. I’m thankful for that, and even more thankful for the support over the week when I really was on the point of giving up.

Oh, and the result? Six and a half pounds off. In one week. Now that’s what I call an eating plan!





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