Those voices in my head…

One of the things that continually surprises me with this writing malarkey is the way that certain characters reveal their inner intentions and desires to me at the oddest moments. I’ve been putting together the random bits of book 2 ready to make more sense of it over the coming weeks, but yet again I’ve been blindsided by another story arc that will probably end up being the main crux of book 3.

Although I’ve toyed with an aspect of the story before, this arc has led to my discovery of the potential love interest for book 3, and his link to the existing Little Somerby characters. It turns out he’s got very strong links to the village, and a real reason not to be the love interest! And it all stems back to his relationship with his dad…quelle surprise! The father in question has had a fair few internal conflicts himself, over the years, which have, unsurprisingly, led to conflicts with the father-son dynamic, although, on the whole they’re a pretty strong unit. Or they are, until someone comes between them, of course!

Crikey, it’s a good job *I* know who I’m talking about…not sure this would make much sense otherwise!! And for those of you who like the visuals, these two embody them for me right now. I think they’d make a pretty good father son combo :).


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