Meet me on 20th June 2017…

Fabulous news! I can’t wait to read it :).

Lisa Hill

For many years than I care to remember, this blog has been an integral part of my writing and my journey to becoming an author. It has been like a diary in a way, somewhere to document what I’ve learnt; what’s worked well and not so well and what has inspired me along the way.

So, it only seems right to announce on my blog today that I am exactly two weeks away from publication, whoop!  Meet me at Number Five will be published in ebook with my publisher, Choc Lit on Tuesday 20th June 2017:

Everything else is hush, hush until then so I’m afraid you will have to sit on your hands, twiddle your thumbs and eagerly await hearing more about my characters and the antics they will get up to.

So, Meet Me back here on Tuesday 20th June where I will be so excited to share…

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