Mum Life…

**Wrote most of this on Friday evening, but finished it today – a shout out to parents everywhere**

So today has been one of those days when you realise how many balls you juggle as a parent. And whether you’re a mother or father who has a job outside the home, works from home or whose main role is in the home, I’m sure there are days like this for everyone. Tonight I’m sending out a Katniss Everdene like salute to the parents.


Today is Children in Need day. Luckily it was also one of my working from home days, as I’m not sure I’d have managed it all otherwise. So let me outline for you some of the things I had to remember today:

  1. Non-uniform for both sprogs. But spotty. Had this one covered so long as the delivery from EBay came in time. Thankfully, it did!
  2. To throw a little spanner in, Daughter #1 has swimming. Pack swimming kit and spotty clothes in school bag as teacher had said they should wear uniform into school and change after swimming.
  3. Do this, but in the confusion, forget each sprog needs £1 for school, too. Thankfully, lovely friend Beth (hereafter known as The Mum Manager) steps in with the cash. Crisis averted. Or so I thought, until…
  4. Sprog #2 has Show and Tell today. Naturally, having kept this in mind all week, I forget on the actual day. Kick self repeatedly for another Mummy Fail. But…
  5. While walking Hound post school run, get phone call from school (lovely Jan, who runs Breakfast and After School club and knows us of old) to say Daughter #1 has forgotten her packed lunch and spotty gear. Kick self again, but only partially, as know she definitely has the frigging spotty skirt and scarf as packed it myself the night before. Assure school I’ll drop in her lunch. Drop off Hound, jump back in car and take lunch to school. Also take in Daughter #2’s Show and Tell and pray she’s remembered why she wanted to take that particular thing in to talk about.
  6. Get home. Speak to Mum about events earlier in the week. Have breakfast but it’s now closer to lunchtime. Remember chickens need cleaning as Elsa was giving me a VERY old fashioned look as I walked past the coop this morning. Realise they need more food, so clean coop and feed them.
  7. Remember I’m actually meant to be working from home today so sit down at computer and imagine myself into Little Somerby. Then remember that the last scene of book 3 is going to take place somewhere else, so try to imagine myself there instead.
  8. Send a couple of emails and write draft of blog post for pre-publication of ‘Springtime…’. Fantasise about Jonathan Carter for a bit before remembering he’s not real.
  9. Wrap present for the birthday party Daughter #2 is going to after school. Check post to pray that superhero cape and mask has arrived. Send prayer of thanks to the gods of Royal Mail for their swift delivery as discover cape and mask in post box.
  10. Finish draft of blog post. Realise have done no housework. Hastily put out overflowing recycling bin as that’s The Thing That will Be Noticed First. Remember to sort out a bottle of liquid soap for Daughter #1 for Brownies tonight after heads up from The Mum Manager.
  11. Pick up sprogs. Both are spotty but realise it’s face paint and not some terrible disease. After brief trip home to pick up present and liquid soap, drop off one, at lovely friend Carly’s house in exchange for her smallest one (child swapping is the way to go for birthday parties!) and chaperone small children disco dancing for two hours. Drink lots of coffee kindly provided by parent of birthday child. Nearly get wrapped in toilet paper for final party game but reprieved at the last second; phew!
  12. Pick up other daughter, return borrowed child. Tea and chat before home. Dinner prep, put Small Girl in bed (Husband home now and doing Manly Wood Gathering/Fire Making Things) – oh, and less manly table laying things. Leave Small Girl chucking a sugar crazed wobbly while I dash out to get Big Girl. Thankfully remember I’m dropping another one home (am terrified of turning into Dave and Sam Cameron on a Brownies night and leaving a child in the pub! Yes, the Brownies do actually meet in the pub!)
  13. Get home. Put Big Girl in bed. Small Girl, thankfully now in sugar induced post birthday party coma. Check she’s still breathing.
  14. Finish cooking dinner. Look at clock. Realise it’s just gone 9pm. Finally collapse in bath with Kindle. Aaaaand…

Now, I’m not saying that everyone doesn’t have crazy days, but, my goodness, today has been one all-balls-in-the-air-of-different-sizes continuum! I think I really need to start writing EVERYTHING down, or the fragile grip I have on organisation is truly going to go tits up. I am so thankful to have a lovely network of friends and family…otherwise I think I really would go even madder than I am!


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