On the eve of a new year…and a new book.

97817866948982017 was a rollercoaster year, in positive and negative ways. If the universe has a balance, then I would say that the scales were tipped mostly in my favour this year, but there were enough moments of darkness to remind me that all pleasure should be enjoyed in the moment and not taken for granted. I think that’s been my big lesson this year; enjoy the good times when they’re happening, live in the moment.

That’s not always easy for me – I’ve always been a bit of a dreamer, and I tend to think ‘when I’ve done this, then that will be better’. Having targets is a great thing, but being present in the moment is something I’m still working on. I think I’ve got better at it. I like to think so. So this year I’m going to be more present, I hope. This year, I’m going to appreciate each moment as it comes, and not be constantly concerned with what happens after.

Seeing The Second Chance Tea Shop get such a lovely reception from readers was definitely a high point, and all of the things that went around that. It’s both humbling and exciting to know that people have read the contents of your head on a page, and I feel fortunate to have had such a great team behind me in my agent and  at Aria during the book’s release. Ditto  the writing of book 2 and all the input. Also, getting stuck into writing book 3 (and realising I am actually writing a trilogy, of sorts!) was hugely exciting. The German publishing deal is also up there for a really exciting moment. So thank you, everyone who has read the novel so far – on the eve of publication of book 2, I’m feeling excited and nervous to see what you think of it!

So, onwards and upwards for 2018 – I’ve got book 3 to finish, and I’ve finally decided to make peace with my own head in a number of ways (don’t quote me on that!). There are a few things I need to commit to, but that’s for another post. Happy New Year, everyone, and here’s to a wonderful 2018!


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