Birthday Resolutions

Everyone has their milestones through the year, I think. For me, apart from New Year’s Day, there’s the start of the Autumn term, and, especially now I’m getting older, my birthday, which was yesterday. It’s a time to reassess, I suppose, and to try to put some things in place for the following year. I can’t always say I stick to them, but the hope is always there! It’s been a full on week, as well, starting as it did with a funeral, then a book launch and ending with a birthday.

A couple of years ago on my birthday, I resolved to give up alcohol for a year. For four whole months I kept to it, and I felt hugely better, more alert and more healthy. Then, on Boxing Day of that year I fell off that particular wagon in a gloriously sozzled heap in front of a load of Christmas movies and a table load of snacks. For a moment I was disappointed that I hadn’t made the year (or even the end of the calendar year!), but then I figured that four months was pretty good for a girl who likes a drink, and felt a bit better. This year I’m determined to be more ‘one day at a time’ in my approach to this particular aim.

There’s always the perennial ‘I will lose X amount of weight before my next birthday’ resolution, which comes with being a curvaceous blonde who likes food and drink a little too much. This year, that feels more important with concerns about Covid-19 and excessive weight being linked. While I’m not in the obese category, I could stand to lose a few stone, so this may well end up being a resolution if only to try to keep myself safer from the virus.

And, linked to these, there’s the idea of self-care, not self-indulgence. I’m not great at the former, and a little too good at the latter – letting myself off the hook for things I should know better about, and compensating myself with things that are bad for me to make myself feel better – usually cake, biscuits, cheese and wine! I do have a self-sabotaging streak, but I’m determined to get that under control this year. Even if it’s tiny things, like remembering to slap on some moisturiser in the morning, I think this might have to be a goal. I’m indulgent of my own failures to the detriment of my own physical and mental health, and this needs to stop. No more making excuses for cracking open the wine, stressing out or eating the cake. I’m going to try to be more mindful and control my impulses when needed!

It’s not just my 43rd birthday that has made me think about all this this week, though. We lost someone very important recently, who we laid to rest on Tuesday in beautiful and moving service. She was one of the coolest, loveliest, most kick-the-ass-out-of-life people I’d ever known, and I, like everyone who knew her, felt blessed to have had her in my life. Fighting fit before the cancer came, she lived life on her terms, and made a huge success of it. I will miss her a great deal, and her passing has made me consider so much about the way I handle day to day life. Although I might still eat the cake, drink the wine and make excuses, I want to make this birthday year the one where I do, actually, see some differences in my physical and mental health, and stop worrying about the irrelevant things in life. Here’s hoping this time, that might be the case.

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Birthday resolutions…

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