Just for the Summer – Fay Keenan

A fab review of ‘Just For The Summer’ – thank you so much!

Eatwell Reads-Well

I immediately empathised with Kate; she came across as totally lovely and I couldn’t understand why her Husband had ever left her for another woman. She also seemed the perfect Mum; how I felt for her, when she discovered her Husband was taking their boys to Florida with his new woman – a holiday that Kate had longed for when they were together.

Kate ends up ‘between homes’, staying at her Brother’s place and decorating it; she was thinking of setting her own business as a decorator. Life seems pretty grim for her. She needs to find a house to live in, and everyone else seems to be away on holiday.

The arrival of Harry the bookseller seemed like manna from heaven – although Kate’s first interaction with him doesn’t go that well! Indeed Willowbury doesn’t seem short of eligible men, with coffee shop Jack available too!

The inter-sibling teasing…

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