The 2021 Romantic Novel Award Winners Interviews with…. Julie Houston

A fab interview with the award winning (and all round awesome) Julie Houston!

A Little Book Problem


Today I am delighted to be interviewing the winner of theSapere Books Popular Romantic Fiction Award in the RomanticNovelists’ Association Awards 2021 with her novel Sing Me A Secret. Please welcome to the blog, author… Julie Houston.


Julie, congratulations on your win and thank you very much for agreeing to appear on my blog during the entry period for the 2022 awards.

This award was voted for by book bloggers, librarians and book sellers. That is a hard crowd to impress. What does it mean to you to win this particular award and what it is about this book that you think spoke to them out of the hundreds they read each year?

I am totally in awe of the people who voted for me for this award, but particularly the book bloggers. They are an amazing set of readers, giving their time and expertise to reading countless…

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