Half term shenanigans :)

Half term, before my own children, used to be a blissful time of lie ins, catching up with household things, time spent with The Husband, a bit of holiday homework and a lot of chilling out on the settee. How things change with the arrival of your own sprogs! Now, half terms tend to be […]

All in the name of research…

Over the summer, when I was deep in the throes of writing the first draft of Far From the Tree, I was lucky enough to be given a guided tour of the site of the local cider producer, Thatchers Cider. This is a business that remains in the family, and is into its fourth generation; a business […]

I think I’ve been left-handed again…and written this book series backwards!

Being a south paw has always had its own peculiar challenges; pens in banks that are on the wrong side, bumping wrists with fellow students in the classroom, now that I’m a teacher no student being able to read my handwriting, ticking ‘backwards’, turning the page at a right angle, having the bowler shout ‘left […]

Writing, the ‘old fashioned’ way!

I’ve been on holiday for the past week, and apart from the obvious security implications of taking a laptop to a tent, I decided just to take my most recent paper notebook with me. I also decided that, for the first time in eight months, I wasn’t going to work on Far From the Tree,  but […]

Writing Process Blog Hop

A great idea whereby you get an insight into how and what makes writers write. I jumped on the bandwagon after the lovely Jessica Bloczynski  did  a post on her blog, which you can find here: http://maniacmarmoset.wordpress.com/ Anyone who’d like to be tagged to do this, please let me know 🙂 What am I working on? Currently, I’m […]

Fantasy launch party…

Perhaps I’m getting a little ahead of myself,  but after reading Ali Harris’ account of the very enjoyable sounding launch of her latest novel Written in the Stars,  I couldn’t help but turn my mind to the possibility of a book launch party, if and when Far From the Tree gets published. I’m lucky to live in […]

If ‘Far From the Tree’ was an ITV drama…

Given that I’m writing a ruralmance, I don’t expect the big budget Hollywood film producers to come knocking to adapt it, as it’s a mostly romantic tale of love in a Somerset village, but I can’t help fantasising that ITV might be able to do a half decent adaptation of the story. It does seem […]