Slimming World Week 3: Don’t Panic!!

This has been an interesting week, really. I’m starting to get into the flow of things, and yet there were one or two definite moments that had me feeling very tested! I’ve always known I eat in response to stress, and after my children decided to go feral on Saturday afternoon (I kid you not, the […]

Slimming World Week 2: Mindful Enjoyment

If there’s one thing I’ve learned this week about being back on the SW plan, it’s a greater sense of mindfulness about my eating. Mindfulness has been a media buzz word for a while, and it’s something I didn’t really buy into that much. That might be because I’ve seen a million or more self […]

Back on the bus…

New term, new books! I recently posted about that ‘back to school’ feeling, and tonight I took another step towards getting back into the rigours of the new school year, albeit a little early. I’m one of those women who generally looks OK in clothes, regardless of a stone (or three’s) weight gain, because you […]