Fantasy Casting 3: Matthew Carter

I suppose it’s because I’ve developed into quite a visual thinker over the years, but I’m still finding it much more straightforward to write this novel when I can clearly visualise scenes and characters. Although the Matthew Carter in my head is more of a composite of several tall, dark haired men, I’m eternally on the look out for someone who could play him in a screen adaptation. At the moment, I think the book would be suited more to an ITV drama than a Hollywood film, but either way, a girl can dream!

And dreaming I am with this particular contender for the role of Matthew. If only I’d been writing twenty years ago, he’d have made a perfect Matthew, but, alas, the march of time makes him a little too old nowadays, although he’s still wildly attractive. Perhaps in a few books’ time he’ll be able to play the older, more statesmanlike version of Matthew!

So, without further ado, I give you another contender for Matthew. The gorgeous, talented and all round amazing Gabriel Byrne. West Country accent permitting, of course 😉

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