Romantic ‘What ifs….’

I was discussing my intention to fill this blog this week with romantic things, in the run up to Valentine’s Day, with a good friend, and she suggested that I think about the whole ‘what if’ scenario in a romantic context. This is familiar fanfiction territory, as it’s what the genre turns on, but it certainly gives me some stuff to think about. So…

1. What if Heathcliff and Catherine had actually married? My guess; dead within a week, both of them, but what a ride!

2. What if Sarah had said yes to Jareth in Labyrinth? Would she have been able to live with herself? I’m thinking Jareth’s rather impressive, -er- dancing skills, might have helped her to manage it! 😉

3. What if Jonathan Harker had never gone to see the Count? Would his relationship with Mina have been enough on its own or would it have deteriorated into dullness and matrimonial duty? Was the Count a kind of blood sucking marital aid?!

4. What if Archie Kennedy hadn’t died in Hornblower? My hopeful wish is that Horatio, Archie and William Bush would end up running a bar  (and sharing a bed) in Kingston, Jamaica, kind of like a Napoleonic Top Gear Trio.

5. What if Juliet had awoken a minute sooner? Easy. She’d have realised Romeo had actually been in love with Mercutio and run off with Paris instead ;).

6. What if Lizzie Bennett had married Mr Collins? No, actually, I can’t think about this one, it hurts too much…

7. What if Bella Swann had staked Edward, Buffy style, when she first met him? Well, it would have saved us all the tedium of reading Breaking Dawn, for a start. For the record, I enjoyed New Moon, but only because Edward wasn’t in it much.

8. What if Wendy had stayed with Peter in Neverland? A slightly disturbing thought, really.

9. What if Marian of Knighton really had married Guy of Gisborne? Easy! Really, really beautiful babies…

10. What if Hero hadn’t accepted Claudio’s remorse and ditched him? She’d have been a wonderful godmother to Benedick and Beatrice’s babies, and found herself someone much more worthy of her love :).

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