Slimming World Week 4…adventures in psychology.

This week was definitely one of highs and lows, and no mistake. Two nights out threw me a bit, and there were a few stressful moments that, while I didn’t reach for the Prosecco or the biscuit tin, I think really had an impact on my rhythms. In a way, I think I’ve been over compensating for the ‘flexible’ nights by cutting back my food intake on other days, and, actually, this has been counter productive. I’ve also not been drinking as much water as in previous weeks. So, as of tomorrow, I’m back on plan, and I’m not going to try to ‘fix’ something that doesn’t need fixing.

All of this makes it sound like I gained, which I didn’t – I lost 1/2lb, taking my total loss to 10 1/2lb in four weeks, which is perfectly fine, really. It’s just been interesting to see how the psychology of this week has affected me; whereas before, under stress I’d reach for food and drink, this time I didn’t, but I did try to ‘remedy’ my two nights out by eating less, and that definitely doesn’t work on this eating plan. It sounds SO weird to say ‘eat more to lose more’, but there’s something in, as Sally said tonight, keeping the metabolism topped up and ticking over.

So, onwards and downwards for next week. My stone award is in sight (although I doubt it’ll be next week!), and I will get there!

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