Sporting Hares

Harriet’s fab blog shows she’s fallen in love with Sporting Hares as much as I have! A brilliant, and well deserved review of this impressive company.

Who? You may be asking yourself. It’s true, Sporting Hares are not on the radar of the majority of country folk…yet. But this is something that will definitely be changing in the very near future. Sporting Hares is a brand that hails from the Welsh countryside, with it’s HQ still located on the family farm. Why is this important? Well to me it is a critical factor in ensuring that the brand remains true to its roots, something that can often be forgotten when country style brands start to become more and more successful. Originally established to supply ‘country bumpkins’ – as the guys at Sporting Hares put it, a stylish selection of sunglasses which can be custom made to your liking (and yes, tweed – of the Harris variety no less, is an option for these glasses!), it has now branched out to offer so much more. The preppy…

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