Galactosaemia and POF 

A really powerful and emotional post from my friend Emma about her condition. Links in post for anyone who might be able to help. Much love, lovely lady xxx


I was born with a rare genetic metabolic disorder called galactosaemia. I didn’t really ever know that much about it growing up, only that I had to stick to a strict milk free diet for life, and people said it sounds like ‘intergalactic’, which made me feel unique. Especially when I didn’t know anyone else who had it. Galactose is a sugar found in milk. It gets broken down by an enzyme and released by the body. People with galactosaemia do not have this enzyme so the poisonous galactose stays in the body, causing damage to vital organs. Babies born with galactosaemia might suffer from liver disease, cataracts and brain damage. For this reason it is essential that milk is completely removed from the diet immediately after diagnosis.

Galactosaemia can cause long term complications even if it the diagnosis is made quickly, due to damage caused in the womb. Children…

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