The Lake House

A quick repost of my thoughts about this wonderfully romantic film. Gorgeous Canadians are definitely on my radar at the moment (at least in the fictional sense!). Want to know why? pre-order Little Somerby book 3, ‘Summer in the Orchard’, here:

Fay Keenan


So. Those of you who know me well must have known this was coming. And those of you who don’t know me well but are regular readers of this blog might have guessed as well! I currently have a mild obsession with this film, after having watched it for the first time on Friday night. I wondered then, and I’m still wondering, why I haven’t seen it before! The silly thing is that I’ve owned the DVD for about ten years, but even then I never watched it. Even accounting for The Husband’s total aversion to any film that doesn’t include a) explosions and guns b) Jason Statham c) Nazis or d) any combination of the first three, it’s still ridiculous. So, I took myself off to the bath and watched it on my Kindle. An hour and half later, the bath water was stone cold and I was blubbing!

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