Feeling the love for Valentine’s Day…

I was reminded of this post today and thought it was worth rebologging, just for the fabulous kissing scenes! I might do an updated version when I get the chance, although a lot of these still make the list! Which are your favourite film/TV kisses? Feel free to link me to them in the comments :).

Fay Keenan

I’m a bit of a sucker for list shows, so I thought I’d share my top ten romantic moments, that probably inspired me to be a writer of romantic fiction. In no particular order, here are my top ten kisses and heart stopping ‘pashes’.

1. Sir Guy of Gisborne and Marian of Knighton’s infamous doorway grope. Lucy Griffiths and Richard Armitage got this one so right. It’s eight seconds of snogging perfection, in my book!

2. The Doctor and Rose at Bad Wolf Bay. I loved the Tennant/Piper combination, and BBC’s rendering of the scene was marginally better than what ended up in the actual episode. Long live Ten (2) and his beautiful Rose! 🙂

3. Mulder and Scully from ‘The X-Files: Fight the Future’. So close, so very very close! I love Gillian and David with equal passion, and this moment from the first film makes my heart flip…

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