Beautiful, Bold and Brilliant: Forget Tchaikovsky, Swan Lake is Bourne’s Ballet

I popped my ballet cherry last night. Having never seen any live ballet (except years ago when a student danced beautifully en pointe in an English lesson as part of a presentation), I didn’t really know what to expect. Added to that, I was totally ignorant of the story, too. But, do you know what? […]

2018 review…what I know now.

Well, that’s another year almost in the bag. And what a year it’s been! Starting with the release of my second novel, Springtime at the Cider Kitchen, and ending with the burning anticipation of the release of my third book, Summer in the Orchard on 3rd January 2019, it’s, in one sense, a year bookended by books. It’s been […]

A Lot of Strut, a Pinch of Sass, and a little bit of Sauce: Little Mix at Gloucester Rugby Club.

I need to get one thing straight immediately. When Matthew Carter quips in The Second Chance Tea Shop that his taste in music stopped evolving when Kim Wilde was better known for her singing than her gardening, I was basically referencing myself. I’m not really a ‘modern music’ kind of girl, especially when it comes to, er, […]

Thoughts on ‘The Accountant’ (2016)

Just a quick post to share a few observations of this film! Spoilers, obviously. The Accountant is a strange beast. Part issue driven family drama, part character study, part big, dumb action film, it feels a bit schizophrenic at times. However, I don’t review what I don’t like, and I did find myself liking a […]

Aiming for (Daily) Greatness

OK, I’ll admit it. I’m a sucker for a good notebook. I can’t walk past Paperchase without going in (and trying to contain the drool), and as for The Works…they have me at 20% off, every time. I’ve even managed to indoctrinate my two daughters into the Sisterhood of the Beautiful Notepad, and I’m pleased to […]

Texts Rebooted (and wearing their pants on the outside!): Man of Steel

CAUTION: Spoilers for Man of Steel ahead! There are several things that I watched in the 1980s that I hold very dear; Robin of Sherwood, Dungeons and Dragons, Labyrinth, and, of course, the Superman films; those with the late, great Christopher Reeve. However, I’m not averse to a reboot, if it’s done with love, and as a result I’ve really enjoyed the various […]